About Us

Since 1959 the Yanda family has been caring for the needs of the bereaved, with foresight, wisdom, compassion, and experience.  Yanda & Son Funeral Home and Cremation Services is the only locally owned and family operated funeral home in Yukon.

"Death is very difficult," said Donna Yanda.  "We are trying to help people celebrate the life of the individual and guide them through the details of what has to be done.  Celebrating the life of the individual is the main purpose of the funeral - dwelling on what that person accomplished, and how their positive influence remains with us.  We work along the lines of a ministry as well as a business.  Each funeral is unique for the individual.  Our goal is to assist in designing the funeral to meet the family's wishes.  That is the first step in working through the grieving process," said Donna Yanda, owner of Yanda & Son Funeral Home and Cremation Services, echoing the words of her late husband Anton Yanda III.

Not only has Yanda & Son Funeral Home and Cremation Services been involved in the funeral business in the Yukon community, but we are very involved in many community projects.  We are very family-oriented, and strongly attached to the Yukon area.  Our professionally trained staff is always available to assist families in need.

 "We want to thank Yukon for allowing us to serve the community," said Donna.  "We are always available to answer all your questions.  We have pre-arrangement packages so individuals can let their loved ones know beforehand how they want their life to be honored.  It is a valuable gift to pre-arrange your funeral, so you can relieve the emotional and financial burdens that those left behind may face if there are no specific instructions regarding your funeral service."

Donna Yanda - Owner/Director


Homer Cobb - Director